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Ulrich Schoch Architects

Founded in 1949, ‘Ulrich Schoch Architects’ show a serious track of small and mid-sized buildings that are mainly located in southern Germany. With a local and international network of partners and specialists, our activities cover:

  • estimation
  • programming
  • conceptual design
  • planning
  • tenderlists and brief
  • construction detailing
  • construction surveillance
  • and maintenance of buildings.

Following the slogan ‘sustaining innovation’, we integrate the broad impact of sustainability since the more than 62 years. The results are designs that have a high financial and social value to the owners and users.

With building experience in Switzerland and China, we are aware of local and international developments and qualitative discussions. All our project design starts with sound analyses of the contexts such as energy, users, culture, material, finances and context. Using analogue and digital simulation, we achieve the best result for the client.

International networks to universities and frequent public lectures and publications of the office partners underline this approach.

Impressions of our recent work: